Google ADX

Google Ad Manager and AdExchange

On June 27th, 2018, Google introduced Google Ad Manager, the new complete ad platform to control all sort of ad-types in all the digital environments: Display, Video and In-app. It combines the standard features from Doubleclick for Publishers (DFP) as well as all the specifications from Doubleclick Ad Exchange. When linked with AdSense and AdExchange, Google Ad Manager becomes a complete ad-platform for all your needs. Contact us now to link Doubleclick AdExchange to your Google Ad Manager or let us provide you our technology to optimize your monetization and increase your site efficiency.

How ExMarketPlace can increase your efficiency

ExMarketPlace provides an easy-to-go integration which consists in a single code in the header of your site plus the agreed number of adunits on your web-pages. The system is capable to understand when an ad-element is inside of the viewport and only at that point it sends a request to the buyers to receive the most performing ad. In this way ExMarketPlace can increase the most important KPI, the Active View (or Viewability). When we maximize the viewability, we reduce also the number of not-viewable ads and consequently we bring higher Click-through rate to the buyers. As consequence we can offer less impressions with the highest quality. This is the unique way to benefit from branded campaigns with the best return over investment and higher quality on the ads

Google ADX

Our mission is to become a worldwide leading digital media agency.

ExMarketPlace is a highly dynamic agency, with an active presence in many countries. With the new office in Dubai, we are a true international network for the global marketplace. Our team of marketing experts build tailored digital media solutions in over 25 different operations categories, drawing on their experience, expertise and proven success in this field.

ExMarketPlace develops online media campaigns through a number of digital media solutions. By employing highly targeted leads to specific markets and niches, we are able to offer an online media campaign to bring the client maximum ROI.
ExMarketPlace is at the forefront of media technology and we provide an excellent and unique interface with a network of highly specific and researched sites that deliver immediate results and impact for the client.


ExMarketPlace is a dynamic forward thinking company that works with the most enthusiastic professionals in the business. We are constantly searching for talented individuals who share the philosophy of our company.