Google ADX

Our Strategy

The ExMarketPlace approach is oriented to find the right balance between Ad-spaces and Users retention. thanks to the Google News Consumer Insights we're now able to see the impact of each adunit on your web pages. Each pageview is an opportunity to generate advertising revenue and increase loyalty; where should you spend your resources?

Be Partners to grow together

The first Publishers' Goal is to convince two main referents about their products quality: 1) Crawlers on the tech-side to increase domain's ranking, 2) Users in the real world to keep them involved and engaged. Our Partners see the traffic growing and this is mainly due to the great work on publishing side, but what about ads? Have you ever seen a small tree with big fruits? The best fruits come from healthy trees with few fruits!

Google ADX

Our mission is to become a worldwide leading digital media agency.

ExMarketPlace is a highly dynamic agency, with an active presence in many countries. With the new office in Dubai, we are a true international network for the global marketplace. Our team of marketing experts build tailored digital media solutions in over 25 different operations categories, drawing on their experience, expertise and proven success in this field.

ExMarketPlace develops online media campaigns through a number of digital media solutions. By employing highly targeted leads to specific markets and niches, we are able to offer an online media campaign to bring the client maximum ROI.
ExMarketPlace is at the forefront of media technology and we provide an excellent and unique interface with a network of highly specific and researched sites that deliver immediate results and impact for the client.


ExMarketPlace is a dynamic forward thinking company that works with the most enthusiastic professionals in the business. We are constantly searching for talented individuals who share the philosophy of our company.