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Native, is it good or bad? Is it Valuable or not?

When talking about Native our mind goes immediatelly to general AdNetworks like Taboola, OutBrain, RevContent or vertical like Dianomi and Native RPM but this is wrong. They are AdNetworks and they use technologies to obtain the best performance. the concept "Native" must drive our attention to the style, the look&feel or in the end the perception we have of a specific element. In the current era, everything should be Native and it shouldn't generate rumors. When a publisher is going to release an update, 99% of the time, it will be in continuity with the previous version. To build loyalty, each situation must affirm itself and for this reason some static aspects are needed to increase recognizability. Native is directly linked to the environment; an app developer wil consider the same colors and fonts, as well as a publishing company does. The Ads must reflect the same philosophy and this is the real value of Native Advertising.

Google Native

When we move the attention to the perception of Native elements (but mainly native Ad-units) we see that many companies provide just widgets without any correlation with the webpages in terms of style. In this specific point Google creates its business because Native Ads for Google means the possibility to create your custom Ad. Combining Google AdManager and AdExchange, ExMarketPlace can create dedicated ads considering fonts, sizes, colors and all the other aspects of each site/app. This strategy is fundamental to increase the performance of the ads and reduce the disruptive ads towards users. But then, what about contextualization of those ads? What about targeting strategies? The Technology behind the real Native advertising, is coming from Google, providing: a) Native Video ads, b) Native app ads, c) Native banner ads. These Ad-Types are optimized by the Google technology which is symptom of reliability and performance

Google ADX

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