Cybersecurity: 15 Tips and Best practices you must know!

15 best tips for a strong cyber security. Read More

What is Viewability?

Viewability is one of the most important KPI for websites. Read More

Programmatic Glossary

The most common acronyms and what they mean. Read More

Google ADX
Google ADX

Native Advertising Days, Berlin

ExMarketPlace present @Native Advertising Days Berlin, Day 1. Read More

Google Ad Manager and AdExchange

On June 27th, 2018, Google introduced Google Ad Manager, the new complete ad platform to control all sort of ad-types in all the digital environments: Display, Video and In-app. Read more

Native, is it good or bad? Is it Valuable or not?

When talking about Native our mind goes immediatelly to general AdNetworks like Taboola, OutBrain, RevContent or vertical like Dianomi and Native RPM but this is wrong.Read more

Google Ad Manager and AdSense

Google Ad Manager is the new brand that replaces the well known Doubleclick For Publishers. Read More

Our Strategy

The ExMarketPlace approach is oriented to find the right balance between Ad-spaces and Users retention. Read More

What is the Ads.txt?

The Authorized Digital Sellers, also known as ads.txt, is a global initiative promoted from the Interactive Advertising Bureau to improve transparency.Read More

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